Capital Health at Hopewell

History Installation

Kent Design developed five distinctive history installations designed to express unique story lines associated with themes of Community, Compassion, Inspiration, Growth, Generosity and Responsibility; reflective of Capital Health’s mission and vision.

Each installation incorporates story content, artifacts, image, and art components, carefully selected and presented to tell the complete story of the hospital while still expressing a cohesive collection in each location.

As part of the initial design process, we recognized a long history of the integration of fine art in the patient and visitor experience at Mercer Hospital, the hospital of origin for Capital Health – Hopewell. It felt important to express that legacy and recognize the importance of art in the healing environment today in this new hospital environment.

Kent Design was responsible for the design, content development, and coordination of the execution of this project, including the selection and commission of each original art piece designed and created to frame the historical content.

The installations are located throughout the public areas of the hospital, allowing visitors to discover individual story lines and experience the art over time and space, with return visits or long waiting hours. There is opportunity to discover something new each time.