Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Donor

Donor Recognition

Our emphasis on all of the projects we conceived for Good Shepherd was to reflect how people with disabilities are seen, how they should be viewed, and how they see the world. This understanding along with our hopes for the future, inform the storytelling, the materials and the technology used to execute our work.

Conceptually each project incorporated ways of presenting information that have some capacity to transform the physicality of seeing.

The Donor Recognition Wall utilizes illuminated glass as the primary vehicle for communication. The installation provides a contrasted experience of presenting a formal representation of the Good Shepherd in stained glass as a nod to the traditional spiritual roots of the facility. Individual gifts are deeply carved in glass and edge lit using LED’s.

The installation plays well with light, translucency, transparency and shadow. There is a computer monitor housing an interactive directory where smaller gifts and other campaigns are recognized and integrated over time.

Wallach Glass Studios, as contractors on this project, lent their unique experience in the fabrication of edge lit carved glass. Additionally, as an experienced stained glass artist, Christina Wallach asked to provide an interpretation of the Good Shepherd based on specific input by Kent Design and Good Shepherd.